The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (2024)

THE SYDNEY MORNIrfG ttRAtP, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 188a whit Hammerhead wa left five lengths at tb post. Tur Paten divided with ire km ear Na. Wsssrav Wbod-bulent led to Abuse and Otang BIohsobi nous and Carleton dividfld wnh: four kill each I Nov if THE NEWCASTLE COLLIERIES STRIKE aim, and a great race ensttea, urasjc wsb man- wan vim Na, 4- ataasra. Carletoa aad Moon divided; wttlt winning by two length. Abas wa a good third, Th others were boached Sve lengths away.

Tims, 1 minai THE POTTS BILL STRIKE. The men who bid bees fur tb lut 10 day out on strike, on sooimnt of lit raf om! of contract rt for the P.4U Hill iworvmr to py higher rata of wayea, re lamed to work vtordT at th rate of 4d. ner load. Then ie now THE TURF. Koomwsrth race ntsettnjr waa grantad regiirtjoa by the A.

J. C. authorities yanUrday. The penentl entry fur the fcpriB meeting of ib Wolloa-rone Turf Club lake place this afternoon, when the i tofia? evenf a wiil reonire attention peoi Handicap of 40 tariDif; Trial Make of 30 14 owl; THE AMY 8HERWIK FAREWELL The ascend of the fareweli series of given bf Mi A dot bherwtn and her company of artuta tmk plxxf las. evening at the Y.

M. C. A. iiali. waa etmiiar in to that recorded yetardy though each iiMnwft and it waa equally enjoyable.

That tt waa 1 iiy ipprvcjateti needs no atrosrer STKfcsse than the fact over iw men ai wora, ana suiters are repartee 10 qtuei different in QUiMCHOO wa war. Seilisjr, Race of 26 once rouod; Hack Handicap of that the twelve numbers en the crop ram me were three kill No. 5, dean. Grant ami Carlston diviiied with six kills eaeb. At th Temp FifjMrrtg ground a STid waici will be siiot for this attarnooa.

RHINE SHOOTTNO. Th. Glebe Public hichssl Cadet srnf a match Sirsirtst th. bydnsy High rehoet H. Company Cadet sn Saturday.

Tb conditions wer seven shots each, at 2U nrdsv and iff a-side, '1 he former won bv five semis, tb cVydaey llirh. School having ouiy six men. 1 ha top scorer oi the match, Coiour-sergosn! refers, of the IS. it, team; Ouartermaster-aergcant iiuniit being too scorer of the Glob Pubim achoai toaat, Th ibritrwing; am the the carpenters strike. A fpea'al meetiDf of maater carpenters waa held at the mcreaaea to twenty, oy uh by the al Jiot fenperativo de- once round Flying Haadscap of 36 7 for-idtance, and each of the Itrtct Puree of 40 once round; Fobiie Builders and CoutracturV Exchange, Pitt-aireet, 3t IS setwnda, Pi BLto toe-now RtjlXSS, of 20 Lanbysbm Walk over.

Macsvanii Handicap, cf 50 sovs. mile. Wr I II liir. br HapW av. SH.

Oib. Solid 1 Mr. a. tlnuf 8ehoevy. est.

lilib. (DeUay) Kr. J. SuniieiSaai's br May i Wbitof Engte Maid (7t. Irishman (7t, Turbuient fist, Udy Chando (fist.

Harlequin (6- Besch (6Vt. Free lnee (Sit. 31b. also started. Betting: ta i y.

Kngb Maid, 2 to 1 v. Rapid Hay, to 10 to I v. others. Beach delayed the start for aTacmt hatf-ett-hoiir. All got well away, Maid spoiling her chanc at to Mart by running inside the rails.

May and Rapid Bay took tb. lead, but at tb half-fail, post Rapid Bay wa two lengths added eight waa at weli applauded aa the other, Anotwrn Stakeaof 7 furfccga; Tom Thumb Haa- XEIAL OF THE ADAMSTOWN RIOTERS. FB0BABLB HITCH AT STOCKTON. IRE EIGHT-HOURS DEMONSTRATION. BT TLeORAH.3 (nost ODE IPHCLAX iJEPOBTBB.) WEST MAITLAND, WmoraDAT.

The trUl of the miners for the Adametowa riot was woo at East Msitland before Mr, Justice Foster thia tuning. A number of the miners' friend and eympe-itiMtt were present. The prisoners were Henrj Evans, frith. Tboe. Long, Joseph Mow, Thoa.

Sloan, to consider hat ateps oM be taken in regard Buthowe nTuTh thereTaV TeW thT l5 Mn. "TS, of there i. very lie to bevoed Hat of programme framed bv the management of the Sydney Park Club. Limited, for the tit.olttMmtrr trottiss (he otiair. The fo.ioYinjr jrc-ntiemen were present: were rendered artistically and pleasingly; since, where ait fad meeting, to heid at Moore Park on the 25th iagd.

aacejia of detail w1mld mrelv Involve iwjetttioa of in" need a(tention ibis aftamoottwhen at ociek Otm Pratjf- Snmoi. Messrs. D. M'intyra, A. taber, P.

Dow, W. Hart, O. Crupt, J. Jagger, J. A.

Eaton, J. Fleming, J. A. Tnrn-buli, J. White, W.

J. Cook, C. Maine, W. G. Boa-ward, W.

Umjcan, O. Croickhank. John A. Dean, J. t'rawterergeaat Uunut IS CorpoFai ph.ases.

Uiss Amy Sherwin chose three aooga of diverse 1 nommationa close with the secretarr, Mr. P. R. Mortey, character, namely, Mr Robinmn'm I lore ihee tho fol nwing evanta: -Maiden Trot of 35 ov. mile; the "Couplet da Mysoej," from Dyid' Pwie da i Tjm8 Haadican Trot of 1Q so 2 mites; Handicap Galto-Breett." and The Kerry Dituce," by Miloy.

Her voice wF of 1 1 mite; Handicap Pooy Rac of Ih Snsmrv ITiafi Vaoon, Ceieur-aergeaat Ureders 54 U'trrnialav-rgeaiit tUaftk faoat lierre(. i aoes i'7. iS1 Cdvt Hisiiap 7 Cadet 3 UtucoBt vyaiur ivee, i. tmtier, w. iaaiey, u.

anend of svervtiiicir. Alt closes at tare tunongs, ana rood rc entued. czl0olbov cemiaz verv fast at th di. ilfnd Edden. and Henry waueoe.

i oe eawg Coulton, Jameatowan, tr.deritk Ihorhy, 6. Iremiett. K. so mite: belbiaa- G.I In, 50 mite: tonce, but never quite caught Rapid 8ay, who: won by two tt It 4 4 waa tn exoepttQBatiy one condition, and each pure waa tang to peifeution everyone being encored The audience waa treatvd fo "The iSaabing White Sergeant," "Jio, Sir," and 4t The old folks at borne" ia adlitkm. Mis Minna w-5 i n.

ttL ta pwfeM-wnoii. being encored. The audience waa Jo iSjn. vVhiie Kergeaat" "Jio, Sir," ia Mis Minna .1 SrrireeAt KsniMiad Corporal rutr t-ergeant tVtrbin Gelour-serreant StiasW 3rivai. Hunut Latue-corporal Moor frivatost'Bonajtk Total fbtat as tengtn.

1 una, i minute secono. LAiitae Mils Harr.zcaP. Mr. J. HvTI's Orange Blessoss, tst.

Sle (Noud) Mr. E. iloversTHFbulsBS, Sib. iDeianeyi 2 air. W.

Bovlsy's Abuse, 6sl. ttb. tEdwsrual 8 60 and mor Sf-." He of 20 aorfc, tsflav It thouid not the IStb September, near Adamstown, being then armed Th CaaiRStAW said that, in order that thrre rnssht be be forgotten that one son cover ih nomination feeforeaca ttieka 'tones, and other and wutouslT awemble together 00 UHt. they met ttiher-hB WO 4 Hw was beat beard in ItnbiBstrnr ehato aong Busmws was a shade Hvdiw in the beng market ye-d 5 th. QuII i lC WgDed Thou'rt like onto ftower," mhvh wa.

encored, aid tcrday, but there waa very little alteration in the price te di.tarb the peace of her the Queen, thfi last meefm was only a preco-book," ad the fa Qn, HttiTmonnUin beaTcon-t prerionadayf Brave rtiil hoid the portion nibeinK awembled together and armed, notouely, ZtJtuT? Her rendering of Mattel's "Deer Heart was favourite, 7 to for the Caulfield Cup; but the New ftt ske greet noise, riot, and disturbance tb th, ha ooething to that effect in the miw pleasing. We have never beard r. Henry ZniaM mar Spade Guinea waa accorded a good deal of 8 1 tt a i prese The ma ion ty of thoa present wmply undertood Uu.i A sanDort. i Terminus, Rst. Lady Pttaforf.

7t. Echo. 7st- Sluggard, 7st. and Bosco, 6sL, also atarred. Betting: 2 to 1 v.

Lady Pitsfbrd. 3 to I each v. Termi Ir tha suae OI an nour or- more. a ihaf thm iit nnunr. Ijrt it hiila.

Marie." in whifth ha excelled hinwelf. Plareh also had some friend at 8 to white 10 to I was nittt Mart' -ith nntafHw asaemblins i w- n.I i i a wi i- i. a liar anKiAta I thut BlV ffi Iln Mia hn ivnwt tDniiM ful ikuf i When othtr Lip," from the Bohemian Girl," wa obtainable about The Charmer and EoSiadev A fair also admirably rendered, and hi encore socg Let Me amount of busines waa written about Toachetou and Like a Soldier Fail seemed to give satisfaction. Mr. Lk8lv, at II ia I each; white 14 to 1 couid bo got about John Lemmooi fully coo tinned the good impre- Both well and Stanley, Mvio was quoted at 2 to I for the Bion be creeted on his flrt appeannce, and in V- R.

C. Derby, a point longer could be got about Carbine, SYESEY 1TOSHNO PIGEON SOCTETY. On Ssinriav last a racsrgsntsed by the Unrnir.g rigoon Ifocoety wa ttawn frwrt CsetHmundra. Tiler was a Stir number of competitors, nd siihourb the woather wa clear, a strong north-east wind wa bmwtngv BMwituAtaadmg wfefca, art excel lent avurage rat ot speed waa attained. Th following i th result: Mr.

J. Wright's bird, lOoff yard per minute, Sir. ifc Hcwfern btrd, 1063 yard per nzinntov 2 1 Mr. J. Tattered' bird, 102 yards per minute, t.

following nio had; bird competing, via. ttaaara, Morgan, Watt, Aiiu. liefp, fiacUiil, Kuaseil. Smith, ami wa compromised in any way, Aa article had appeared recently in the eha on the carpenters' strike which seemed to bear upon the subject in an interesting manner, and as it had been brought under his nothe hy Mr. J.

Dean, he would call upon that gentleman to read it. hi was accordingly done.) The chairman then continued. The masters had arrived at a certain Cuoeertetucka and Auiariean liharjitcdiey and 8 to I waa available about tb Kirkham representatives. Business on trie Melbourne Cuo waa almost a dead as well ss in a solo marccuu nlayed as an encore proved himself to be a flautist of ths first order, and one uch as has not been heard in Sydney for years, Mr. Geo.

stage in the matter of the strike, and perhaps a few words ciutsam slaved onlv on short niece, one of th TRS roiiin uaace" nar in or Aavier cttarwenaa, which afforded tnsunlrjettt scope for th display of his powers; but his socotunanimeat contributed in no Utt'e to SSS ACCIDENT IN USX AX. VI ywuauvu imui mill wuuiu U)Mr HlUUf VU Ul part. On the previous ocuuiim when the masters met together with regard to the strike, the principal objection made was with regard to the rules forwarded to them by the succes of th concerts. The remaining items re the nus and orange Blossom, a to ia to v. others-After delay tb nag fell to a straggling start, Lady Pitsford beintr away nrst.

At th tbree-qaarter mile post ail were bunched, and tbey kept together to th distance, where Oram? Blossom, Turbulent, and Abu, showed out prominently, the former winning easily. A good race for second took place between Turbulent and Abuse, the former beating Abuse by a head for second place. Time, 1 minnts 45 seconds. Six FcttLowo Flu Trait, of 'M sovs. mil, Mr.

O. Fstkusoa's Letter, Tst. sib. fHoad; I r. B.

T- ttltt'. N'dlt sveimda. 1st. Kb. fvJHl Mr.

J. M'lUnii; 3 Hindoo, 7st; Syivanns, Sat. 9tb. Lady Chandos, 7st. Schoolboy, 7st- and Beach, 6st.

UIhY also started. Betting; 2 ta 1 each: v. Sehsolbov and Nalli Seeundm, to I v. Hindoo, to26 to 1 others. Syivaaua got svsv Brat, and led to the half-mile post, where Letter and -Null! Secundos closed on him, and a good rarw ensued to th distance, where Letter cam away and won by about a length, Schoolboy, Baauaerhead, and NuM Secnjiaaa timshmg head and taiis- SOETH GUNDAGAr PARE RACES.

6CXDAGAI, In connection with th South Gundagai Pa-rt race, to be held on the 2nd November, th following weight have been declared for the two principal ovent me men xor aaopuon. ira regura to toe question or wages, each speaker at the meeting stated (hat quariets "rrom tt valley" Uoaemisn which Mr. Arthur Sharwtn atitedv ami Joan Barnett's he would give tbotte men whom he thought worth weil-known trio, 'i bis Magic Wove Scarf," of which the mTui9F usq so ce repeatea. 1 his evening's programme, which will be more compre letter 15 to 1 r. Mentor, 14 to I each r.

Cardigan and Ensign, to I v. Whakawai, IS tn I eaeb v. Carlyoa and ArseztaL (fbox oua oonaaspoafDxirrs.) THE MELBOCRNETTINO MARKET-MELBOURNK, Widnbsoat. Thert was little doing In betting in tb early part of the day, owing to the Klsternwick Park race. The betting room were crowded in th Contrary to axpecta-tinn, however, eomnaratively little bustnes wa don.

Bravu waa the great centre of attraction on th part of tb backers, but there ta very lit! le available money ia in market, aa after 70S to 100 had been laid twice it wa met with an offer of 3(00 to 600 oa ihe field. Amongst ether wagers booked were 10M) ta 106 Th Charmer and Sped Guinea, 6WXI to 3iM Stanley, SOW) to 120 Locksley, and 2000 to 100 Pakeba. Th Derby and Mel-bourn Cup were rarely mentioned during the day. Tb following are the quotations Canineld Cup; 106 to 16 v. Bravo, taken and offered; 10 to 1 v.

Spade Guinea, Plutarch, lb taken and offered; 100 to Stanley, offered, 100 to 8 wanted; 100 to 7 r. EnSIeda, token and wanted; to I v. Pakeba, Tradition, taken and hensive that those hitherto given, include fie of Good Comfort, from sir, Cow n' iiuth Gounod's Serenade," lumen thalTa Th Message' and a good aatecuoiL or outer isvounte oaiacta, sxs. iu. tne amount aemauaeu, ana even more if ne thought proper (hear, hear) but he would nut bo bound to give all hands 10s.

(hear, hear and he tlumght that was distinctly understood. Well, the decision arrived at at the meeting with regard to the rule was communicated to the carpenters and joiners secretary, but no official reply bad been snt to the secretarr of the mast era, he did not think it any part of hi duty to call the matters together. Aa rejearded himself he only eon sidered himself to have been chairman of the previous meeting, so that he did not consider it his duty to call the masters together. He had met one or two builders, and they all said they intended Dsviner HER MAJESTY'S THEATRE. lonUier to disturB toe peace or ner ajasiy suojecw.

air. Bogen, Q.C., who held a special brief from the Crows, with Mr. Coffev, appeared to prosecute. Mr. Bdmaad, with Mr.

Ralston, instructed by Mr. Thompson mdMr. Spariw. defended the accused, who pleaded not rafitj. Mr.

Edmunds applied for a postponement of the case, on the pound that he was not leady with the defence. It had Iihb intended to obtain, senior counsel to defend the MDtiedrSnd from correspondence which had pe-aed, wa potable that senior counsel would come to defend them. Be bed only received bis own brief that morning. Bit Honor isid be could not make allowance for the aelsj in delivering the briefs to counsel. The jurors and Ttmetses could not be kept waiting.

Xr, Edmonds mentioned that the senior counsel who kid ban eommuskated with bad been away on circuit, and tvery effort had bees mad to retain senior counsel for that fry. If ths defence was cast upon him at a moment aeom be would be very little prepared to undertake it Be bad set had an opportunity of looking at his brief. Bis Hov ou said it wss no doubt great diaadvantag to Mr. Edmunds is not having seen his brief, but he could art make tbat ground for postponement. Th mere fact tost ft wss possible thst sen or counsel would eorae and aoawtsk the defence was no ground for postponement.

Mr. Rogers mid plenty of time waa allowed to prepar tbssstac, sad they could not keep 130 juror waiting. Prrsnnsily be would be glad to meet his leained friend in Us belirved it was no fault of the legal gentlemen that they hsd not been retained. It wss decided tbat the case should proceed. Th accused exerefssd tbeir rieht to ohallesge pretty freely.

When fhe Crown froserutor had asked eight jurors to stand Hide, jir. Edmund submitted thai th Crown had exhausted it light of challenge. Bit Bono said that the Crown had only challenged one furor. The others bad been directed to stand aside, which did set amount ta a peremptory challenge. Mr.

Edmunds submitted that the standing asid of jaton amounted to a peremptory challenge on the part of the Crows. The last Richelieu" at Her Majesty' Theatre are announced. On Saturday evening Richard HI." will be produced. The title rote wsil be aawjmed by (mil sua catstaipsitoxsT.I ALBCST, WsttHtasakT, Slrouuoaa efTorta are being made by the poik to discover ta. owner of the bcrae and bagy foanct bat algtit tn the river, aad informal ion ha been; obtained moat conclusively sbciwing thst Ui the t.otriiob Lang, ai Gerzaas farmer, living at Walla Waits, Sttntiiea from We.

He passed tbrongb Aibury ywterdsy on bis way to Si dney, fit daughter is il rj. Keinhajdt brm-jn. who lives ai Si tadia Crank, Victoria. The pouoa are dragging for the body. Latik.

furtner 'invrwtigsHea lv no racm to doubt that the yzetiztt of tb drowning accident wa Gotttieb and feat tt snared th river uat below Ihe witarf to aler his ours. 1 entrance at scot is vary dangerous, when tn river ia is SoedV several fatat acetdent haviztg happened there. A man sleeping near tli harf heard a noua of wbsais, and xite aim let Lei p. iis says he endeavoured to obtain assistance, but wa uaaiicceasiui. Tbepoiio.

tatted dragging th river thia morning. MiyiltS AT. BSOKSIf ELLL. w. sauum pan in wnion ne reported to De great.

borTK OuxBiOil hu EixntCAt 11 mile, ibi stte. in men according to their merit, and they should use their Ails siStmset 7 5 a A 'successful pteia and fancy dress carnival wa tendered ft 4Esmeralda 8 0 Gold Bust ottered: 20 to 1 v. Chieaan and '1 acchnlnna. offered 12 Happy tesk 9 Little Jan r-U mile. tOobbftrst to Mr.

H. J. Buchan, on 5 uesday night, in St. Matthias Hall. Paddington.

ft being the closing of the rink for the season. The com urn ot both ladies and gentlemen were generally admirtd. Mr. Buchan was, during th evening. Psatina itusethorn assy John Aih raulhre Prmtc-Ait' Pcmai 1 V.

Lockslev. Dick Swivaller. Rothwell. taken and 25 to 1 v. Kewmaster, Honey dew, Victory, effrrad K0 to Ka-y Joan 10 7 i prwnieu who a purse ot aoveretgn.

xnu Drougut Ui proceedmjrs to a cise. The Svdney Owl Club held hynx" in Needs room. 7 74 Bsop; Jsk Queer. Eiia OiitUs jsns r. twrown tlrand, offered; 00 to 1 r.

(Jardigan, oztared. FLEMINQT0H TRAINING NOTES. MEL.BOOH.NE. Vmiimir, Reveaire 7 12 Atill. 4 smeralds.

zUvcrsdale BuoatoBiil judgment as to wnom tney anoula pav the rase and to whom they should not pay tU When hu men came to be paid they explained that if he could not pay the required wag they would have to go. He was already paying 9s. 44., so that as there were a few who wen specially good men, he gave them the wage required. The next morning he saw that he was designated in the pre as one of the builders who was giving way to th men. Only two or three or his men struck, and others dtd not strike, a they thought matter were going on smoothly, and so remained work.

He had to leave subsequently, and be was rather surprised to find in the pre that his shop had been declared "black, and on Monday he found the place e'osed up. That, however, waa the postponed eight-hour day. On Tuesday morning he found that ail the men hsd assembled near the shop, but did not go to work. He a.ked them the reason, and they replied that he would sot Siiv al! hands 10s. a dav aa a rat, and that yery little importaat work was don at Fleraingtcs to Htthedsie, hut sight.

This waa the second ball of the and considering the three; suing state of ths weather the attendance was verv good. About 80 couple were present, sod dancing was kept up to an early hour to day, it being the off morning. Wbakawai waa given two zone, en ine tan at alow pace, arm forest uaaen went round of the outer track at three-pert speed. Enfilade smiu oi wr. reeas' nana.

I ne Mi. L. were Messrs. N. Montagu and A.

Isaac. Refreshments were aup- was pat the Result colt over a mile and a. naif. which waa don in 2 zaixufe 62 ssconds. Mclo and pttt oy toe ayoncy icermg company, and tn room wa ADELOSO JOCKEY CLTJB.

ADELONO, WiruneniT, At th annual meeting of th Jockey Clsb hist night tb the ihiiwd credit oi oQ. TLa anziuai races were fixed fox January I aad 2. CTCLING IN ADELAIDE. ADKLAID8, WrarnsiT. W.

J. C. Elliot, of the Fertuide Cycltttg Club, broke th amateur record for five zaiiee. Th iocal CvHnz Union the Anatraiian Peer cantered and then sunned wj jxwui ueooraieu xor ta oooasion. noma, rayten's tot only exercised, excepting; Aber-eora and Plutarch, who wound na tbeir morn fTSr Txi.xoxaph.

fatut cua conaaerdNDsNT.) BROKEN RtLU At C.grc.t mme he piiup ia n.v beiny pu -iown the main shaft 107ft. deep. While cutting into the eastern wail fur the purpose of sxing tiie fouatiilion for the pump, an additional supply of water waa struck, and extra, baling was necessary bet ore the work ceaht proceed, also in sink, iag a watt to allow the pamp to ira down some sralt or wa met with. At th Rsand IfB mine; tb winding gear and enginft ar now at work, welt Th sinking of the main abaft is proceeding, and is now- 145ft. deep.

1 he. lock is xeeediiigly hard, but the rack drill are being: pro. vided in stating the circ*mstances on which the ess ALTERING TEE TEXT OF ing work with a sharp brash bom. Meneftt for ths Crown was bated, Mr. Rogers denned the tney oeA been tneretor called out.

be men had said to was slipped with E.D. over a mile and a-haif, and the suifieid Cup horse bad a long way the brat of th argu nttniae ot not, rout, and sn uniawiu) smbly, and setd uo were woraman ne wouia nor ie oe 71 i Mltfl htirktair Watt hmmh called a biackleir." Well, he thought that hi could not TO THB EDITOR OF THE HERALD. SS Utaogm a mkuuu ouuu wh uuunmnary, asu waa nniy ment- warnigaa ana i-oexsiey went round the outer Sir, Few will be disposed to deny the enormity of any track twite independently of each; other, the last uu, in who as may, lampenng wunor alEenng ttv. furlong being don at a good sound spin. any way, the sacred tut of Shakespeare.

To-do tbisis notzung snort ot th very truest treason tn th. nunorv of Honeydaw went two ronnds of the sand track at strong pace, and is evidently on tb improving aid. Lady Agnes, Richelieu, and Betoloo covered halt a mile in 66s seconds, and the Queen cantered. the immortal dramatist, and would not he toierettd for one moment, even if it cam from th commanding genius of iddtd for further caution. The late Mr.

Justice Wise defined riot to be the awemblage of three or more persona together without the authority of the law, and engaging in the joint execution of an act to the terror of her Majesty's sabsets. The jury were not required to take judicial Bobceof the strike or the circ*mstance which brought it stoat. White ver views miftht be held with regard to capital sad Isbonr, it was undoubtedly the law that every bad the right to labour in what way he pleased, sad for what wagon he chose, without being interfered with. If they found thst the accused were gathered together in a go any further than be had gone until the masters had boJd a meeting. He would not like to be called a blackleg ia his trade any mors than the men did in theirs and he would do nothing further until after th meet ng that night.

His men were all on strike. His position had been rather an embarrassing one. but be hoped that sons would be made that night that would relieve others a well as himself. Mr. Jam ft Whit regretted that he had not been pro sent at the text meeting.

He certainly wauld have ben if he had thought the matter would have been settled tonight. He thought tbat a mistake had been made is oon- CASSAtTlSS. iue tpmi nuion oimseiz. ine man wno atn-mpts tnis Th following scratchinga wete toe ted at the V. R.

C. .1 1 1 1 r. wm, anions; sniigaieneo men, Tail nnoer a erushmg con-denination. and this is about the onlv resnlt that will h. uiwn naauwap wmsuuic ana ceanr- appointed tb timekeeper.

The disfaneey coverod wa li mmnfra 1 1-6 sccuada, KIAMA ATHLETIC CLUB. K1AMA, iBfr-ssriAT. Fifty-four starts lav. been entered tor the 60 handicap footrace to tak pbto. on tba Agneuitura Asaoeiation: it mund on tb 9th November, under the auspice, of the Kianta Athletic Club.

CRICKET. CaTlan Park continued their sztccessful career by cVfealT.i the Emcrite, the reepectiv seores being SS and 42. Th Rev. Mr. Dunfop 3S, kesen.

Ftovd 21, and Lewis It, wer tli principai scorers for tb Calian Parks, and Messrs. Seal 13, Kobtson SV Barbour 7, tor the Eraartiea. Th bowling of Messrs. Floyd (seven for 11 Read (three for 2d for the victors wa very effective, a also wa tn bowling ot Mr. Robison, who secured wick ate at a small cost for the losing team.

Letchhardt journeved to Granville to try ons I ih attained. I make these ob rvations from reading a critique stress. Keetrei. Wiadeor Handiean Knight of the after, Raoul, Tiiium. ELSTEKNWICK PARK RACES.

MELBOl'KSli. WsBxiamv. iiwruM oi ue me ola oi zais nioutn on Mr. faun performance of Hamlet at her Majesty's Theatre. I tumultuous way sgainst tlie peace of her Majesty the nave never, myself, seen Mr.

Mun's nerformanait. and Qoeen, and with snob gestures and manner as to terrify the with the attitude of the meeting, and tbat the men workmen employed, or any one of them, with the obiect of sftd been treated rather curtly. He thought also that the therefore all I have to sev ia derived from the critioue men Wbil amen named Denis M'Oiniey, 42 vwirsof ago, a labourer, zeeiding- at DevorwWresrreftt, SuTry Hii's, waa wcrkma: at a store irt Itedfrtrt yesterfay, a steel rait fett upon bi lait foot, crnsiiiaz it sevareiv. tt ws taken; to tiie Sydney li.ptti ainttted by Dr. Fisher.

Aa elderiy woman named Cecilia Byrne-. reVid.nir at 9 Little Wiiiiam-f net, or? itow ka-sireet, wa admitted to th Sydney Ho-pitai by Dr. b'uhsr yctcr lav. suftering from-a fractured log. The patient stated tba in jury resuiieU from a fall in th street on Monday, Between 3 and 4 The Etsternwrck Park Race took plan to-day, with the tioned aa touching Mr.

Miin's treatment of the text of gattioff ova to knock off work, than the ttrst count had of th master would be no aorse if they were been completely, and sboadMntly mad out. Whatever Pia 10s P0 dv- Thia matter would ultimately oaaxeapeare. I can, of course, ear nothing aa to loiiuwinsj results Focxtb AtrsrsxLMw Tsormo Sraxa Pxodccx mil heat. his ability or power a. aa actor.

According to tb writer in ine ngraut in repealing tne lines, 1 he time ia out of rronifus, lost. iota. (Aiaoagb joint. curaeo; entt that ever I was bam ta wr it riwht 1 Cbusan, Radex, and Ion also started. Prsbitna led all we are told tbat Mr.

Miln stooa short -t bumv iuv meat team, ana ine lormer were retnmea tne victors by St runs. Letcnhardt won the toss and went Sna. and the way, winning the race in on beat. Betting 1 6 to i tb words which alone give the sentence any meaning, to were not dipced of til! they had put together US (CkoWBt va fmotoi, laio, axouusB it seerKls, rtK'ti- posstuty tnauc any man to OcToeaa Hahdicap 54 (urlonsrs. iuua Ml miscuievuua au omission it would oe views the men had as to the righteousness fir unrighteousness Ot the strike, no body of men had a ritrht to interfere with others in ths honest exercise of tbeir Jabour.

Theevideoos of tab-inspector Lynch, Seoior -sergeant Roden. and Coostaldes Chambers, Kadcliffa, and Smith, wss tikes. It was just ths same as thst given at the police court ia Newcastle. Jte Court then adjourned till to-morrow morning. (raoK oua oonsjuroMomirra.) NEWCASTLE, Wbdxssit.

Everything is quiet at th WaHsend tunnels. The fibvtktM Mltiw fa djll -mrVin Tk. 11 L', Qiucu ujr iu isw ot suppty ana oemana Ultimately a thoroughly good man would be coc sidered worth but an ordinary man would receive less. He thought that lUs. was a hardship to many builder, and would be to him very soon, but he supposed that the hardship must be put up' with.

Seeing that Mr. Try had given way, and that others were paying certain of the men he thought the wisest and best thing would be to recognise 10s. as a standard rate, Mr. Dyih (secretory) explained that ths replv referred to by Mr. White had been dwn up by the chairman as well as himself, and that be (Mr.

Dyer) had not taken upon himself the sole nsoonsibility a regarded th terms of the comorunication to the carpenter advising them that certain vain to ask. bs woids omitted are lull of meaning and Salisbury, carried lib. tBiebzaond 1 9 inn wm, banrmvGna tv, ana Lyon. iuj. ta ijraa-Yiites, with an hour to bat, were ejufcklr ctisposed of for 84, owing to the bowling of Clement (four tor il and F.

Jones (four for iij's. 1 bs scorers for Oranviii wsre Nobba IS. HifSB lot Whilst their hnwfinw wa. HiviMt teuist, 1. sin.

1 13 nor, raTBiTotimviraw mstury oi ine piay. tne awtul reveta-tiouaof the ghost of Hamlet's father threw so terrible a darr oa his son. camel v. the dure of rsvenifinir bis ihr a Ths otber starters wm MitchsIL Tiav S.fsr. tauwres Nobba aad Biggs, wnh Sve and fear wickat murder by th murder of bis unci, th King, thst under sssen, Diut, szioegroorn, ziattn, menmond, Maronev.

i' 1 1. 1 1 1 1 mtumtat 1 1 May vrszang 4 resieciiveiy. Waverler team and Bslmain (na ntavart a meieb- tonnie jean. Betting to 1 v. RicnxaonrL 1 tn 1 BrirTnvmnm coattsr', the coal is trimmed by the crew she left I "Jf naiJ tf1 Mr.

P. Dow could not ftuctlr asdenUnd th. term and it resulted in an easy win for the former bv two wickets and 86 runs, scores WaverSev, 125 for eight wicket (Forbe 29, Gtttie 26v Power Newman IS. Evan with Stockiitt ooai for Sydney this morning at 0 o'clock, Anita, 6 to I v. Msronev, Edith, Saltsburv.

Won by half a -length, Casuist a good third. Time, I minute il seconds. rate of Ia this coastrr, or ia any other oountrr. wafrea mint b. reiroiatad oa a acatat but nrvw 00 a standard.

He was to meet the raefl on zuj; Bamiain, OS lorr 23, Csidweil 18. Teefv, Gillies, and Vial bowled watt tor th winnen and; Davie and Ei edli Rica about I mile and 51 furlortra. the question of lulea. Although they had rejected those tiw named Frank Robert Warren, ahous Mi yesra of age, belonging to tb ship Pars, at present Mrig in Neutral Bay, whito engaged up aJvrft pamfirist: ib nMirt fewer topsail yard, missed hi balance and frH ta tb rleckv a dtstazte of tbottf 3fit, and wa kiHxt tnjtnroui7. Dr.

Snaztorth, after sxarniization, faasd tb utiforranata lad skull to fractured, likewise th spin, both arm were broken just above the wnaft, saii the bices nf the left leg bmken and protruding through the skin. Tne retnaina were subsequenily reniovea by liie notice to the North, byd-ney mnrguo, where they now lie awaiting an inquest. T3ZWEA TITER. Barf ysstsraay morning the temperarare iaifcateil a very hot day, and. th indication; wa verified.

Toward midday very heavy thunderclouds appeared to th south-west, a torm front tfntt was anticipated almost simultaneously with th wind going to the south. Sitifnaiawsvisraaapatth. Obarewtere, tying aaooihwlv gale at J.rvi. Bay, Thecfcuds hadlbra spread aver th city, and only a Sim eiatned Wor. th storm berst.

Ia lea ibaa mutate, to bu.ter snvdoccd the cttv, miborfw, avd harbour in dasf, and th wind scfuali. sf teprigc for, ierUi, oaoily they were of short dursiiro. nr co6dsrabls damaira would have to b. rscoraeij. Several ship in th hKrbour dragged thatr aaehor.

and namnrtr escaped going tn the rxi'- Ths Star of taiy is i. Mated tencW 1 ae cosrt, but wa tewed eS safety by ta tmr Irrerotibis. Several awning and tnsemre fences were blown down, but further than that so dainass ia in h. The ihip otns, for San rancisoo, is now loading Stockton coal, sad will take 2000 tons, to be trimmed by the Baknaes. The steamer Waihora is still lying near th wharf.

It is currently rumoured that the Harynlie coi-bery miner will com out unless all the coal got there is trimmed by anion sue a. The Eight-boor Demonstration Committee met last night. Ths procewkm starts at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning. in lit toe trwerv. Ijsmoreaad Emerald played sa tormer's wkket on ram, a.

wnaia oe oeneociai 10 in. tnasurs aa veil aa the workmen to be a eod. of rales dravs op. that King of tbs West, last. m.

(a, WHiiaaa) Merry Monareb, 9st ijlb. ICsrsyl a Australian Satire. fOltlssi Lady liirtoo, 9tu tin. Morgan) nararaay, and tne mates reunited in a draw. Soorea; Lismore, IIS (Trenbath not out 38.

C. tiilbert 14 Emerald. six rooauis' boiios snouia oe inTen it any cuans. aa temptated Aa wrrangemant of that kind two wicket for 22i. Tb bowline, on th.

PWri.1 uesasest. Landsrer, Partner, Lady Annie, sod Orlando also rati. Betling: '6 to 4 v. Merrv rttrmamb. tml, was emtzusiea to ziowaen, i.ove, and Llnver.

was in Toprje id fengtana. Mr. Jacmh said tbat thereeoeniition of 10s. at ore aa a sraM came rather hard upon thou srho amosrsr nr matters discussed wss the question of allow br the Barwood miners' lodge to display in the procession burner sstirttinjr the action of the maxims afidinv huk. BOWLS- West, 5 to 1 v.

Anstralisa Native. Tb selection of th cantain and rirfkara rb tntMMzMt.t Won by a length. Lady Barton and Australian Neeiv Jen, and the Uowramsnt for introductog th military into Adifnt anil it All. i taken oontracts on baris of a lower wan. He regretted that he had not been present at th.

Uat He thought that th. masters were iroins; to present a very bold Bowung mates, tn niayeil la Victoria on th 4th. Tib. 0,1. 1 1 1 1 ran a dead heat for third place, Time.

3 zaizuuas 19 seconds. Tins Handicap Teot 2 miles. sniat ana aaopt "i.o surrwaer ponov, Dtltoetuutut that there was nothing of the sort. He thons-ht. as a mti.

fane K. Brtant M. J. Cordon taks had bees made, tbat tb. bent thins; todo waa to retract W.Hart W.Ge&Hog H.Jemt H.

Hughes J. Cutter J. Kingston K.Coiidard B. Lucas H. Srattan C.

elmiia W. Ciinckr.n,.nk T. R. AMI T. Toohey, C.

Biaeb- W. Akhurst. the whole affair and th. 10. They had no ocoastoa i.

OieVinMn, sliowittobseamed. This action is generally disapproved of by ouuideri calculated to increase theiil-f eeling instead of aiUvins; it. A Latwk. Asotber bitch likely to occur St Stockton. It is stated (bstsntof ibe directors of the coal company has mad ar-weaw ia Sydoey to load the s.

Waihora with Stork-Josl. Sboatd this bs the case, the 8f ockton miners will too work at once. The miners ar determined to 7 th uotoa coai-trimmers at this port. 1 he Lamb-Joa mmm met this morniag on th Lambton reserve. A letter was read that hA v.

The Beaver, 5 second (Lieette) Dick, inseeends (Glasseosk) Jerusalem, 11 ssconas, iaialiia "3 The following also started Minnie, Be.iler, Clara, Pair Kell, Banjo, Charcoal, Kilby, Jenny. Hard Times, Minnie Second, Lady Gray, Ivuhoa, Maui Langtiing Stock, Maud 3rd, Hawkb tra. raptaia I elifre, captain captain ro aesp loose men wno were not worm iua. in their omplov-ment. He mored I hat 10s.

be recognised aa standard aspuun Mr. J. T. Teohey, president of the team; Mr. A.

T. Fleav raie oz wage. Mr. Asuicr seconded the resolution. ids uu(araoie (orrnre oi tots tnougnt ne tmrsta out in the pitiable exclamation, cursed spite," not that ever I was bora, but tbat ever I wis bora to set it right." The curs applies to the terrible duty of setting it right," and not to the innocent fact of his being born.

Hataiet only it a cursed spite that he waa bom because his birth laid oa his tboaiders the frighttul duty imposed upon aim by the awful words ot the ghost, If thou didst ever thy desr ietiiar love, revenge bia foul and most unnatural murder." No wonder that Hamlet ahot.ld ejacul*te, cursed pits tbat ever I was bora ta set it right." Hamlet atme all through the piece at setting it right," but from indecision and hesitation new succeeds, and the catastrophe which tb gbost directed Hamlet to effect immediately is only brongbt about in the last scene of the play, and more by accident than by the direct action of Hamlet birasetf, and certainly not in consequence of the revelations of the ghost. It wilt seen how necessary are the words "to set it right" whirh Mr. Miln omits, and how entirely is th omission. After ihe revelations ot the ghost, Hamlet only lived for one purpose, and that nurnor. was "to set tt right;" and whoa to great bhakearenre makes him expressly say so, it is certain.

a liberty and a presumption for sny man to deduct so aerioasiv from the true meaning of lb ay by leaving out the words in question. The next alteration mentioned ia the enfidue ia to this effect: Why, let the Devil wear black, for I'll have a suit ot scarlets." A suit of sables" ia the proper test, and the other is mere impertinent conceit, destitute of either sense or meaning. We are next told that when Ophelia gave Hamlet back his presents to her, lUmlet says 1 never gave rou Mr. Miln lavinr the emphasis on "you," surely most erroneously. To lay the emphasis on "you" would imply that Hamlet hat been in the habit of giving numbers of presents, pobUeiy.

to all th people about bim, but omitting Ophe.u, and the emphaia on you would seem to sev "it is tiue 1 have given many presents to the people around me, but I never gave you any." It ia simply another pteoa of conceit and absurdity. are also told that tie 8ns psasae where Poloniussdvisesbis son wasieft out; aisothe prayer of th King, and iiamlet's remarkable speech in surprising him whiieso engsseci. 1 his speech giv. a us an insight vat a part of Hamlet's character not obtained ia any other part of tb play. We from this speech that Hamlet would not be satisfied bv merely killing the king, i bs aimed at lb destruetioo of hi soul as well as his body I and therefor bs would not kill bim while engaged in so righteous an act a Braver: would hi to.

vnuir. n. 1 t. umpire; aad Lucas, boa. secretary.

The team leaves th ship Parsett, lyrist Heutral Bar, to ih cSck. and Waa i I imuTuuui. Mr. WatTiB Ives moved, as an amendment, Tbat cyuaey on neonaaoay, diet instant, Dy th exsraa for seizing: i to 1 v. Laay tirav, 6 I r.

The Beaver, 8 to I v. Masd 3rd or Jerusalem, Time, 6 minute second. SXLXJKO Racs: i urlnagy. a cimmmee ot tne employers ana an equal number ot employees should meet and arrann terms on a bast, of 9s. M.

tor the remainder of the year, and at the berinninsr of the PEDESTRIANISM. On aerssnt of ths rainfall last evenins- If-., Uesirs. Thumtfln and Mater, warning them thst if tb Clarendon, 7st, 91b. (Tomlial flu.

v.uvl,.j:n VM. rf colliery wen not paid in accordant w.b.u,ue moonnitni "tin toe nrst round St. Albert, est. 11 lb, (Fountain) oz toe tmsuitarzon zlazuticap nad to be post- i tn newiag prion new year to start It's, per day, and make that a standard rate that ia, to those men tbat are wurth it." Mr. loan Whiti seconded the amendment He thonfrht that a aeetina: of the employers and employees should taks place on this question, Hear, hear.) was a sore ptiint The AuhSnld huoDTementarv lTanJi-in af 17H mnvm be run on lit 26th, ii-th, 3uttt of November, ami 3rd st ii ram; daring ft stjitaft, but during laai night and eari liiu morning there were rsdloaii.nnt TBS CITY TO THE EDITOR OP THB HERALD, City Umjnrit for som.

year, parf, it cannot jwprise that they ar. aiwaram a of impecn ft gront aimmnt of work Pwfnnae3Cs5ri no return ra asked or given, Until about 8 years HZ5 customary to cbargefsr and collect a rr for street watmng Ktrfctot to cover th. outlay. From IZ expbcabl reason tbia rat wa aiiowed to lapse buf tht work wassttti carried on for ih. rift H'8 Kit.

heft and Aisxandria also started. Belting: Even on Clarendon, to 2 v. Mitchell, 5 to 1 anv other. Won by half a length, St. Albert a moderate third.

Time, I nunot. 43 seconds. OPXX t-TsapLSCMAsa- wumuvisF. uria. aw sees appoiatiKi ftaotry to rvav A avWaTrl vi-Haav wuii we employees mat in.

employer, noa retusra to meet them. He it very dt.irsble an intiwiew should take plaot, and any dizTerences adiusted. if the employers met with them, as they wen intetiigaat, reasonable men, they would not be likely to ask anyihina; of them which would be unfair. RIKLE SHOOTIKO A mfch was on SAlnTrJ.v l.i-, Mr. Hiehardf Osolart, at lib, (Eare( Mr.

W. Prusnotion, lost. tCorriranl i Mr. S. Miller's Miliars.

sib. Dsvis, tT' Zi 20 men from the Naval Briaade and fK. whieh resaited in a very clone finish, that Nav.1 Hrtil r. Dban ttKrajrht the men bad adopted most arbitrary puiuia. sue wcainer was anything but good or nSe shooting.

Th, wi-d. vouno tu cauiaa: hue men out. come as ills men wno oaa tuck to them had been declared blacklegs, and the shop zpe oi the many. Bom thirty or fortv thrf stoady, sonously sctocled the scores of many good shots of 7. -mitug- at t.

per ion tn men woum be ..1 Wproved of. A minute from oeiegate board empowering the district officers to call out the miners where cjsI wta being trimmed by nou-unton A minute for sending two delegate to the Msnttme Cotmcil was rejecied. 'Ihe Newcastle Wharf Lftbrnnrs and Coal 'I rimmt ra Unions have now 13 on their books to discharge ballast and trim ooal on th9 boss coaMrimmers. All Is pnsftedmg peaceab'v at the Wallsend tunnels. The mam working Allan Wilde's colliery at Barwood, 20 in joijer, came out to-day for an increase in the wages of Is.

ST the Trades Hall, Vip. rfillf tidT thm TTmd Bd Council 11 from the Maritime Council of Queens- BRISBANE, Widnmsst. attht. Jrd n5 tuP Council last KVTf tb4t th IbrtringaddiHonalaum cSjT "Mirt tha Newcastle miners FumiinwmRkers Society, 7 10s Hammermen and the Pmgrewive Society of Carpenters, 10. vunosity, rorester, and coy also ran.

Retting; 3to 1 v. Coolart, 7 to 2 v. Promotion, 4. to 1 v. Curiosity and Coy, 6 to 1 v.

Mildura. Won by Sve leagtaa, Mildura a bad third. Tim, i mtnutt a0 srconila. Pabx Hanihoap mU. I furlongs.

Mr- Sothwrtt. st. Slk. 5 suriuugs. win.

lull--. IU, score. After further discussion, in which Messrs. Luster, Bos-ward, W. Ives, F.

Hosby, J. White, and olhera took part, the sraendment waa earned puttoos nave tfloa iwea isrt; ten with; tfce snoaiir. vbniMing tn togmher wi.S IS'. lion of rat.

upon land, -ilt ttriTvr; Natai BntQAnx. iWejards. SCO yards. Total. A.8.

Gibson IS Mr. Dim then moved, and Mr. f. Whit seconded, jy 2S me.ttr. for prewns cw of ft city Buance." and I sngl reaaoa for going tT, A.B.

Donsias i nai in. louowiDg lie appointea a committee, viz. Asessrs. A. Dean, J.

Jagger, W. Ives, B. Dyer (ex officio), sad 1. October tT 188S. ms on reisa or salvation Thea trip htm, that bia heels mav kick at heaven, and that hi JOHN AJATJM, TT The resolution was carried.

SE 58 JO S3 umun anu Diacx as nail, whereto It The secretary waa then instructed to commsnicat th inveteracy of hatred here act often met result ot tne meeting to the earpraters. wiui. roar utueuo aissrent In tn last scene with tb pur. and innocent Desdemona wail, nktnjt ner to seek the It is understood that if ths men earee to meet the master, that a conference will take place al the builder, and Con TO THB EBFFQA OF TRR ttctj v. iwnva h.

swa, utLuM BRISBANE TATTERSAt.L'8 RACES. t-. BRSSBANK. WaDM.sniT. sall'sTiudicapsf wm Sydney for Tatter- VimnirTta atth 30 16 30 -S3 31 -3 -3T -St -S3 34 -3d -31 51 -3 -St -31 59 34 St Palmer A.M.

BaintGrd W.O. fsdersea A.B. rnn A.B. ijice, K. A.B.

Grant A. th Qouiaing, E. fust, A.H. GouUUng, A.B. A.B.

Miiisa A.B-Uruok A.B tlnton A. ft. To nend A. B. Jseksoa P.O.

tree, i. W.O. Griffin A.B. Uuat. 82 St ST S3 OS S5 44 54 44 4t at 4 47 47 44 44 44 34 1627 towwU th.

K.ircm.11, iirik. land to-day. Mayer said: bad Jli 'z ay ner would not kill to. unprepared sprit; no, Heaven forfend I would not kill thy scut." Our actors aculd do well to remember tbat thsre are no two meaaings to be pot on Shakespeare's great work. He is plain, clear, decisive, and easilv understood M.

Whfl. Mini. 1. 24 24 34 14 tractors on rnaay, at 10 a.m.


sporting pres. telegrams of to-day I not. that tb. Victorian Rowing Association have been informed 7. M1 Kwm aa pnemerai die.

Mayor that SzaT i OF SlASTIUltT. TO THE EDITOR OF Tun lormed abcai th. xt-- naensB or adopting strange and uncouth rsadings of th plainest of writing, they cannot but obasrv the axteni ia zezy scculont ivm-i SBaaatv Lelebaardt (Btllrmger (Sattsrtty fit tw an February ft, and i rstaraei to dasv mat ine similar oouy or colony insist upoa tb oarsmen Aprzr i. exactrv yiuw.

wso tu. lasiaiott to grieve," 1 ant, Oct 18. DAVID Burm i 4ft dav. front that date not tare. Bet Frsai Riomxirr.

appointed, acting health otnew yards, 6C6 yards. Total. ataren. 1 believed it wa th, mentionsd ia tb iZ whm. 1 SXf nJ lit.

to modify thi ff da. to th. hpPr in- Lejcbhscdt itattsrty BRISBANE DRITfNS PARK CLTJB. BRISBANE, WionHDAT. iTA4 Brishan.

Driving Park Club oora-mitte test night, the programme waa arranged for lb next aa not txed, a ft could act be when th. fcagieVarm won. would be svaiiaile. Th prim lnal mats sr. tb.

H-nrt; -r. competing at tn eppmeenmr intercolonial race being amateurs" as defined by the rules of tb New Sou lb Wsles Rowing Association. It was also stated that con-ferrnoe will held in Sydney at the end of next month to setll th definition of Now, Sir, should such a conference be contemplated I protest on behalf of my owl dab, en behalf of th Heimain Working Men's Rowing Club and other similarly constituted clubs not belonging to tbeso-eslird New South Wsles Rowing on behalf of lam number of rawintr' nti JMPSOFSB UST30D3 OF X1LLIXO. TO TUB EDITOR OS THE HERALD. S3 Dir.

win von nut at a i. nl -1 1 T' woraoaj rne owing to S.umr?! report tor Starch biSai Ll Corporation Ait should nild th" memory fait sat oa fiarclt if to see ma, and IgivTii teKen, trf -r auu improves, metnats of kiliimr. 3 miUa, and to President's Handicao. FlH-J" mv tauul it ia mi-- i 1. 6 furionrs.

inai ine nation will not sooner csaas to learn war anv more because of imprand BMthods of killing," seems to mi fts ilah TTLT, Pitmg lss-Corperal Rizssell, Captain Lieutenant otdenthftw lnee-Cnrporai Feithaat Uestenaat-uetoael farreS Iivst Birt PtIvsi Parry Sergeant Srsgg Private M' Arthur tistttenant Leggatt Prtvste risrke. B. PrlTate stenning Sergesat Kisksy Color. i--r' G. Buster Wtlinuna Private trfmroay rsant Htztftb Corporal Miller Prfvals Andersoa.H Pitvaialtoit aia i J4 44 4 44 43 43 a il 41 4 4 44 4 47 44 44 rtirardd th i 31 0 5 39 3 3 34 S3 S3 3 37 54 sj a as 24 JJ 2 23 38 J.l 3 33 3J 24 3t li 13 ju.uuMi oy zscta.

1 ne aggressor, at anv wtiaJlaatitooafliofi expect, to tnvw.iwv revwion or in paper, plans. Bgbtiag. When it bmna ahi.rf..ll. ni. "vram (who cannot join body which seek, to make invidious distinctions between men engaged in the earn, sport) agatost the matter being so decided.

1 claim, on behalf of th etube and community mentioned, which more vigorously supports the spurt of rowing than tne Association, and which better numbers more than tb Association and iu azuiiated elub members roll combined, that we, a rowing men, should have sons, say in the definition of amateur and I tro.t thai meana will be devised for makins- the MMnfn. DUBBO JOCKjfr CLTJB SPRINfJ MEEHNO tneneeu to-day, when th weather wa very close, with: haavy cloud, hanging about all day. Th wtrzdwa. Vsrv strong, csnng heavy clouds of dost to blow, making it prove that Dr. r.l.

J8? Kwuard, To noin ngta to gn aed bv irveM th. vk.nrioo. if tLreb. "--uea lb. I "oh mootn know, orrtem that he wii) not gather plunder in a connu.nvl list, that aevsVkrJ- 1L onore a teettm teams.

I at locum asnett was nsaJ2 BM found one from 17. TT' 1 Mzty bav. conference repreeentative of rowing men, be they so-called bona fide amateurs, or be they msnnal labour amateurs. iT ma f.rmm. eJUaa UI Me th COOTK, Intlt ieoorated and honoured by hisrsMntrym fcit kT.

bo on the hWtle- o.J, LM.U nra' ned with the im- proved weapoa of tn. fatur-ths th. 1434 nave as alaas distinction ia any otber sport that 1 kaow of. Where would our cricketing tetuna' hare been If in tbeir case the avntieman wmiM nt PTfJftfi? RnfYfvmiirn wner fit crowd vu standiag, and kaock two men down tujurrf on the head wui ClotoberiJ. learn war any more." Although it BOUgh that war.

-fit ii is clear F. BASSET, ttme, a think modern dvfli-ihscT bL. Oft Ssttirclsv a trophy presented by th N. 8. W.

OanCTnb shot 5 th.clnbf grounds, Jwy tlw jnee. competitor indug Mr H.V Woodh' wh bis birds, nine in number. The fcnowingkr.i. B.M.WeRibeashMvarasfwin TTT-TTTiT WaVarr MrtevMvJ- a v. raoutg PtaaT Dr.

fT" HAjtMCrrsf 2Cov.milfc Mr. E. oSorsr-s I play In the asm eleven with the "printer." or th hank olerk with th gardener. Then let us in thia Centennial year max. fresh seart, and aa our beautiful harbour" supports on It placid bosota th shell ot th swell and th tinker, ot the bank rlerk and lb engine-driver, of the inaoraac agent and th gmereJ carter without the slightest rsriauon ta degree, a.

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