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Thw Maryville Dally Forum, Maryville, Missouri, Saturday Evening, October 15, 1955 County Court Attends District Judges Meeting Three members of the Nodaway county court and John Houston, Hopkins, attended the Northwest Missouri Judges association meeting Thursday in Gallatin. Presiding Judge Charles Massie, Judge Roy Moore and County Surveyor Martin Bird are the ones who attended. Speakers at the meeting were Leo Beckett, St. Joseph, division engineer, who spoke about supplementary roads; Robert Wells, St Joseph, who told about the King Bill road program in this area; and Hugh Williamson, Jefferson City, assistant attorney general, who explained new laws passed by the General Assembly. correspond to the officer's cars.

The Stanberry sherifi thinks it was certainly a lucky day in Berlin when he married his wife. Just last week shr helped solve a stolen-car mystery. British Await Engagement Story Pickering Mrs. Forrest Lett Mound City Drops Horace Mann for First Place Cinch Gives Demos Clean Bill of Health in State Capt. and Mrs.

Alva Lett, Dayton. arrived Tuesday morning for a visit with Captain parents and other and friends. The MYT met Tuesday evening with 11 members present. The devotions were led by Charlotte Evans and the lesson leader was Carol Evans. CNunes were in charge of Marjorie Pistolr and Junior Roush.

Refreshments were served by Mrs. Leland Nicholas and Mrs. Earl Trueblood. Tuesday callers in the home of Mrs Linnie Gray welt Mrs. A.

O. Simmons. Miss Pearl Berry and Mrs. Maurice Ashford. Mr.

and Mrs. Earl Lock, Independence. were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Lock Tuesday through Thursday.

Mrs. Iva Carmichael and Mtttom Sovereign were also Wednesday evening supper guests in the Lock home Wednesday evening callers in the home of Mr and Mrs. Forrest Lett were Mr and Mrs L. J. and son, James Mr.

and Mrs. Loren Reed were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Verlin Morrow and daughters, Jolcne and Carol, Maryville. Sunday dinner guests of Mr.

and Mrs Clayton Kelley and children, Pat and Pamela, were Mr. and Mrs. Orlen Kelley. Mr. and Mrs Orlen Kelhy attended a National Farmers Organization meeting at Trenton Monday.

Kelley us Nodaway County chairman of the NIO. Wednesday the women of the Christian church packed three barrels of canned fruits and vegetables, which will be st nt to the St. Louis Children's Home. By Steve Addison The Mound City Panthers cinched the 275 Conference football title last night on the College field by downing the Horace Mann Cubs 44- MVE8TOCK I TWO ACCIDENTS NEAR GRANT CITY Livestock caused two accidents near Grant City last week. John Curran driving southeast of Grant City received a nearly demolished new automobile after hitting a Jersey bull and overturning in a deep ditch.

Two head of cattle were killed when struck by Robert Hinshaw Denver, a mile south of Sheridan wye. Thompson Heaven Action see-sawed through the rest of the third quarter and most of the fourth before Maryville took a Mt Ayr fumble on their own 30 and be- to move the ball. Passes from Surplus to Bill Croy and from Thompson to Haines were coupled short gains by Pfeifer and Surp us to put the ball on the Mt. Ayr 46 Thompson heaved a 46 yard paas to Surplus for the T. D.

Thompson was on the extra point run 'Hounds Fall To Visiting lowans, 6-7 A tight game for three quarters broke wide open in the fourth quarter as the Panthers scored five touchdowns and one extra point to nail down their third straight conference win. The Cubs missed several scoring opportunities in the first half via backfield fumbles but did score two points in the first quarter on a safety after Gary Schenkel had blocked a Mound City punt in the end zone. Corder of Mound City went ten yards around end late in the second period to give the Panthers a 6-2 halftime lead. Both teams hit pay-dirt once in the third canto, the Cubs scoring on a 30 yard pass from George Clement to Jack Colwell and the Panthers by virtue of Van Orman's five yard Jaunt around left end. The try for conversion was good to end the third quarter in favor of Mound City 13-8.

Fourth quarter action saw attempted Cub passes backfire ami, led to five touchdowns by the Mound City regulars and one extra point with the final three touchdowns coming against Cub reserves. Gary Schenkel, Cub co-Captain missed the second half because of injuries but is not expected to be on the disability for the next game with Warrensburg laboratory school, on the College field, October 21. Halftime activities at the 1955 homecoming game saw Kae Froyd crowned as queen and Gary Schenkel as king. Attendants for the queen were Karen Hanna and attendants for the king were Jack Colwell and Ron Partridge. An additional halftime highlight was the precision marching of the frcshmen-sophom*ore physical education class under the direction of Miss Joan Harristhal.

The new school mascot, a full size dress replica of a Cub was unveiled by Sidney Thomas for the enjoyment of the students and crowd. Hopkins Mauls lowans in Tussle Public Records A 15 yard penalty for tripping put a damper on the last scor- chance Ralph O'Riley recovered a Raidei fumble on the Mt. Ayr 15. The penalty put the ball on the 30 yard line Ingram intercepted a Surplus pass on the Mt Ayr 11 yard line The lowans ran one play before the game ended with them in the lead by a of 7-6. STATISTICS Maryville Mt.

Ayr, Fifteen Girls Pledge Delta Sig Sorority MARRIAGE LICENSE Raymond Allen Whiting and Carol Nancy Denton, both of Omaha, Neb. AGISTR ATE Ot RT Melvin Henry Bomar, Maryville, pleaded guilty to charges of disturbing the peace and was fined $10 and cost by Judge Milton Hull. Bernard Charles Frueh, Maryville, pleaded guilty to careless and reckless driving and was fined $25 and cost. A fine of $15 and costs was paid by David Benjamin Whaley. Maryville after he pleaded guilty to careless and reckless driving POLICE COEKT Vernon Armagost, Maryville, pleaded guilty to speeding and was fined $10.

Carl Kissinger, Maryville, forfeited a $10 bond posted for careless and imprudent driving. The Delta Sigma Epsilon sorority at Maryville State college has pledged 15 girls in the sorority this week. The girls are as follows: Sandra Bill, Rosendale: Radene Eberle, Lenox, Ia Janice James. Elmo; Gloria Jameson, King City; Anna Belle Loos. Riverton, la Beverlee Mason, Market.

Donna Nennemen, Marian Stiles, Sidney, Ia Shirley Peterson. Donna Smith, Exira. Alice Phippen, Elizabeth Westergard, Adair, Ia Joanne Stephens, Stewartsville; Mary Ellen Watkins. Griswold, Marcia Williams. Hamilton.

Mt. Ayr scored the third quarter on a stolen bail trick and made toe all-important extra point. With less than two nun re maimng. the "Hounds scored on a David to Larry Surplus pass Thompson failed to run over the extra point. The Maryville boys gained possession of the' once again on the Mt Ayr 15 yard line by virtue of a fumble With 45 seconds remaining a 15 yard penalty put the out of scoring reach and a interception the Maryville threat Offensive Guns Boom Offense was the byword of the night as both teams gained hard and fast.

Maryville coupled 140 yards rushing and 84 passing for a gross of 224 yards gained. Mt Ayr had 209 rushing and 8 passing for 217 total yards gained. Maryville completed 7 out of 12 passes. Both clubs gained possession of the pigskin only three times in the first half. Carl Haines recovered a Mt Ayr fumble on the Maryville 29- yard line.

The 'Hounds, aided by the running of Bill Pfeifer and Surplus, moved the ball to the Raiders 15- yard stripe before losing the ball on downs. This the deepest penetration by either team in the first two frames of the game. Pfeifer Carries Load Pfeifer was the big gun in the Maryville offensive attack He accounted for 76 of the rushing yardage. Surplus and Thompson also passed and ran with success for the Corwin Ingram, David Beck, and Larry Cunning ate up the yardage for Mt. Ayr.

Maryville kicked off to Mt. Ayr at the beginning of the second half. The Raiders soon punted to the Maryville 14. The advanced the ball to their own 34 where Beck lifted the ball from quarterback Surplus's hands to give Mt. Ayr possession of the ball.

Ingram and Cunning moved the ball to the six inch line where Ingram went over. He also ran the extra point for a '-0 lead for the lowans. Injured 'Cats Leave for Bulldog Game Happenings in NORTHWEST MISSOURI DANIEL WOLFERSPERGER DIES HOME IN BOLCKOW Daniel A. 76, died at 11:05 p.m. yesterday at his home in Bolckow.

He was a retired farmer. Survivors include his widow. Kitty May, of the home: two sons, Ralph A Navnda, and Richard Anchorage, Alaska. Funeral arm have not been completed The body is at the Atchison funeral home. 2 ENJOY TOMTF1 DOUBLE FE ATI RE Open Throttle Adventure! Forrest Britton Plus This Co-Hit! Randolph Scott in WANTED Mt In Thrilling Technicolor! 'Little Red Riding OWL SHOW 11:00 TONITE 3:00 Sunday HEFLIN Custom SEED CLEANING WHITAKER'S Phone 911.

Third and Depot Our Kountrv Kousin 'Little Ttnker" Cartunee Air 'Car Life' Claims State Farm Mutual Has Best Insurance Show I Hunt BIG Cartoon News Show Tucker Jim Davis On The Lighter Side The well-known "No mon, no fun, your and "Too bad, so sad. your story has taken a new twist. Thought you might enjoy it as much as we did. George was runnint out of ideas i for getting money out of his father. He reasoned that a tricky or coy letter might appeal to the old man's sense of humor.

So he sat down at the college's typewriter and wrote: "Dear Dad: what I need of all? right. Send it along Soon. wishes and of love. Your ever hopeful Son, And this was prompt re- ply: "NOw that was quite a tricky letter you sent. I ve seen Nothing exactly like it since I went to college.

NOne of us here would have thought to use the sign instead of an Wrue us aNOther letter soon. NOw I must close. KING'S KEY SHOP S. Nodaway Falls To Fillmore Team The mystery of the in auto insurance, the tangled web that most motorists know little oi nothing about, has been solved 03 the editorial research board of Cai Life Magazine. In an article appearing November issue.

After two months of stud 3 and evaluation of 39 auto insur- i ance companies by the national magazine's research team, the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company of Bloomington, Illinois, was awarded the Car Life Magazine Seal of Merit Award for "the best buy in auto "When you are ready to buy your Car Life found, "you need not shop for one that offers everything and a In tie extra. Today, all policies have standard provisions and mast use the standard policy. But what you do need to consider is this: The kind and amount of protection your particular needs require. The cost of the policy and the reputation and stability of the company insuring these are by no means the only or most important factors to be taken into in buying auto the magazine article continues. is important is what happens when you present your insurance company with a the agent or representative easily reached? Is he cooperative? Does he represent you as well as the company? Will the company try to talk you out of your claim, or reduce it? Will you have to wait a long period for settlement? Will the company force you to go to court? In short, will your insurance policy do what it claims to Taking all these factors into consideration, the magazine editors found that State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company compared better with the rigid code of specifications than any of the 39 auto insurance companies studied.

The company is represented in Maryville by Raymond adv. HOWDY PODNERS! Nites This Season! Double Feature Tonite! Marlon Brando in WILD Alan Ladd in In Technicolor! Novelty Short Be as Late as 9:00 See Two Shows 11 Tonight Sunday Atoo PET El The Fillmore Blue Devils edged the South Nodaway Longhorns in a Platte Valley Conference football game at Barnard last night, 38-37. In the see-saw battle Clinton White again sparked the winners with four touchdowns and one extra point. Dale Moran added one TD and two points after downs. Larry Todd went 50 yards to gain the other tally for the Blue Devils.

Four of the six Longhorn touchdowns came on passes Jerry Murphy caught two. one from Eddie Graves. Fay Goforth hit him for a point after touchdown also. Erwin Morriss was on the receiving end of two TD passes again they came from Dougan and Graves. Larry Hilsabeck ran over for two markers for the QUICK-EFFICIENT Fuel Oil Service SHERIFF BOWMAN AND WIFE WORK AS TOP LAW TEAM When Gentry county's sheriff, Everett Bowman married his Berlin wife, neither one of them dreamed she was to become a short-wave radio personality in Northwest Missouri.

Sheriff Bowman was one of the first officers in this part of the state to modernize and streamline his operations. Only one other county sheriff in the area had a two-way wave radio in his car in 1951 when Bowman decided it was needed to help combat crime. Today the cars of the sheriff and his two deputies each have two-way radios and keep in touch with each other and the state patrol by a master two- way set in the home This is where Mrs. Bowman becomes the of the set. She makes contacts with the state troopers, and she gets the wave lengths and together when the are different from troopers.

She also makes minute records on anything that She keeps road maps stuck with pins to BOGART'RAY-USTINOV SUNDAY MONDAY LAST NITE THIS YEAR Mrs. Earrens Suffers Attack Mrs. D. C. Farrens.

Maryville, suffered a heart attack Sunday and is still in a serious condition at her home. 1122 E. 2nd St. to your farm or hom*o. Consumers Oil 5th and Buch.

329 About 11,000 people are killed by fire every year in the United States Walt Uountry olor artune JOAN BENNETT BASIL RATHBONE The country editor's prayer is supposedly: Lord, let my words be gentle and sweet, for tomorrow I may have to eat Seems to us that you wouldn't necessarily have to be 'an editor to appreciate the petition. Kousin. Open 6:30 Show at 7:00 Put TELEPHONE Convenience ML in Your Kitchen Read Daily Forum Want Ads POPCORN WANTED Having expanded operation in our new modern plant, we are in the market for truckloads or more 1955 crop open acreage, uncontracted, popcorn. Contact us before selling, advising type and origin of seed planted and acreage or amount for sale. BIRTHS Mr.

and Mrs. Eldon Hardy, Omaha, announce the birth of an 8 pound. 8 ounce son Wednesday at a Fairfax hospital. Mr. and Mrs Donald Murry, Tarkio, and Mr.

and Mrs. Buren Hardy, Maitland. are the grandparents. Mr. and Mrs.

James Wellington, Skidmore, are the great-grandparents. 59.95 MEYER SPECIALTY SHOP Stephenson Hotel Maryville LP Gas and Equipment Co. East Side of Square Headquarters: Full line of Quality Furnaces and Supplies for both Bottled Gas and Natural Gas. W. H.

Dearmont, Mgr. TARKIO POPCORN COMPANY, INC. Phone 15 Tarkio, Mo An extension telephone is wonderful anywhere in the house, but especially so in the kitchen. No more mad dashes while preparing dinner. No more wasted steps and wasted time.

Call our business office today for information on this low cost kitchen convenience Savings on BUILDING MATERIALS Hospital Notes Celotex, 215 thickbutt Shingles, square $6.95 No. 2 Oak 100 board ft. $10.50 Asbestos Siding, $9.50 (Gray Only) 1x8 Car Siding $13.50 Maryville Lumber Co. East Side Square DAY AND NIGHT ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL Admitted, Sept.

14 Donald Cordell, Quitman. Mrs. Lester Gaume, Hamilton. Dismissed, Sept. Roy Whaley, Hopkins: Mrs.

Clell Clements, Pickering: Mrs. Frank Campain, Bedford, Ia. UNITED TELEPHONE Company of Missouri ACROSS FROM CITY HALL CORNER FIFTH AND MARKET.

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