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Chapter 230: Every Profession Produced A Top Scholar

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She put down the spatula and sighed softly. Forget it. Based on the Ning Family’s current situation, if she had to make Ning Anhui, who had no foundation at all, study, not to mention the outcome, this would probably be a form of torture for him.

In life, the most important thing was to be happy. There were 360 professions, and every profession produced a top scholar. Ning Anhui’s ambition was not to study, so let him do what he was good at and liked.

Presumably, Big Brother would need his family’s help when he entered the royal court in the future.

However, in this way, Second Brother’s learning direction would have to change.

When she turned around again, she smiled. “Brothers, are you really not going to try it?”

Ning Anhui was actually eager to give it a try, but Ning Ansheng’s attitude was firm. Xiaoxiao rested her chin on her hand. “Why don’t we get Doctor Gongsun to help take a look?”

Ning Ansheng’s face darkened. “He’s a genius doctor! A genius doctor!”

Xiaoxiao muttered softly, “Even genius doctors have to eat…” Perhaps he liked to eat too! No one could resist the charm of Xiaoxiao’s crayfish!

It was not easy for her to make it. She could not just do it for these points, right? Realizing that she no longer took 500 points seriously, Xiaoxiao felt that she needed to reflect.

Recently, the tea shop had been doing well. She could earn thousands of points every day. Thinking of this, it did not seem a problem to be a little proud.

Just as she was about to put her hands on her hips, Xiaoxiao heard a roar from the space: [Master! Get down!]

Without another word, she lay down. Then, she saw an arrow brush past the corner of her shirt and pierce into the wall.

The Ning Family brothers, who were leaning against the wall and were not within the range of the crisis, immediately stood up, went forward, hugged their sister, and hid at the foot of the wall.

Here, even if another arrow attacked, it could protect his sister.

However, the cruel reality told them that this was just their wishful thinking.

Because several burning torches were thrown in from outside the house, they instantly ignited the woodpile beside the stove.

The three of them were in a dilemma. If they continued to hide, they would be roasted into charcoal sooner or later. If they went out, they would be pricked like hedgehogs again.

They could only be glad that their parents were not at home. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be scared silly?

Just as they were feeling anxious, the three of them heard the sound of weapons clashing again. In just a moment, a familiar call came from outside. “Miss Ning, Young Master Ning, are you alright?”

It turned out that the guards next door had arrived in time.

Ning Ansheng wiped his sweat and opened the window slit before his younger siblings could answer. After confirming who it was, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you for your help, everyone.”

The guards looked at each other and felt a little embarrassed. The Ning Family was clearly implicated, so why were they thanking them instead? “No, no. Are you injured?”

The brothers looked at Xiaoxiao at the same time. After confirming that she had not even scratched her skin, they started to worry about the kitchen that had already started burning.

Even though the guards were fast, they had to capture people and put out the fire. They could not help but lose sight of one another. By the time Ning Fengnian and his wife rushed back when they saw the black smoke, it was obvious that they could not live in this small courtyard that was not strong to begin with.

However, the first thing they cared about was the safety of their children. “Why would an evil person come out of nowhere?”

The guards exchanged looks and said, “I heard from County Magistrate Shen that raiders have been causing trouble recently. I didn’t expect it to be so chaotic.”

It was alright to lie to the ignorant Ning Fengnian and his wife and the careless Ning Anhui, but Ning Ansheng frowned. Xiaoxiao quickly thought of the young man she had saved.

As expected, it was also at this moment that Yun Yi suddenly slipped behind Xiaoxiao and explained softly, “Miss Ning, I’m afraid these people are from the Lei Family. They’re here to settle scores with you for saving that young man. As long as you’re here, they definitely won’t let the matter rest. Although we brothers have practiced martial arts for a few years, it’s difficult for two fists to fight four hands. It’s hard to guarantee that there won’t be any accidents. Why don’t you come with me to the county to ask County Magistrate Shen for help?”

If they were here for her, these people would probably not come again after she left. Xiaoxiao did not want her family to be implicated, so she agreed without much thought.

However, when Yun Yi found an excuse to appease the Ning Family, she ran back to the kitchen where the fire had been extinguished. She took out a bowl of crayfish mixed with dust and stuffed it into the mouth of the restrained man in black as she peeled them.

Although the taste was not bad, the man in black with a backbone asked gruffly, “What did you give us to eat?”

Xiaoxiao wiped her hands and stopped after everyone stuffed a few mouthfuls into her mouth. She couldn’t even be bothered to take the shrimp vein. “I don’t know.”

The man in black was stunned. He repeated in a daze with a mouthful of fresh fragrance, “What do you mean by not knowing?”

Xiaoxiao shrugged. “It means exactly what it means. I caught it outside yesterday. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know if it’s poisonous. Coincidentally, you guys have ulterior motives, so you might as well try it for me.”

After saying that, she turned to look at her eldest brother and second brother. “Brother, watch them. If they have diarrhea or are poisoned to death, I won’t have any designs on that prawn in the future. If they don’t die, I’ll have to try tomorrow.”

Ning Anhui tried to peel one as well. “It looks similar to a prawn, but it’s a little big. A prawn monster? Heh, these pincers are impressive. Can they really be eaten?”

The man in black felt like he was about to collapse—he really didn’t know what it was that she had to feed them!

They immediately shut their mouths and refused to eat anymore. How could the guards allow it? If they had come a little later just now and something had happened to Miss Ning, wouldn’t their master have made them take off their heads and use them as stools? Hence, they raised their hands to remove their chins and went forward to help feed them.

Xiaoxiao felt that this group of bad people was a little too lucky. They were fed the crayfish she made and even looked like they didn’t know how lucky they were. She decided to disgust them.

Hence, she pinched a lobster tail and said to her brother, “Brother, do you see the black lines here?”

Ning Anhui helped to get the prawns from the river. “Shrimp vein?”

Xiaoxiao nodded. “Probably. It’s probably filled with prawn feces. Remember not to remove it when feeding them. If it’s poisonous, it can take effect earlier.”

The man in black wanted to vomit, but with the guards guarding him, he had to swallow it even if he vomited.

After settling down here, Xiaoxiao and Yun Yi rushed to the county office.

At this moment, in the county office, Han Qing had taken some refreshing medicine and was leaning against the desk, writing and drawing something. The Shen Residence seemed to be normal today, but there were many guards in disguise outside. Whether it was County Magistrate Shen or Rong Yan, they felt that Yan Lu’s men would probably choose to attack after nightfall.

Unexpectedly, at nine o’clock, a report came from outside. “Sir, there’s something wrong!”

The men in black and the bailiffs of the county office suddenly fought. County Magistrate Shen was well-prepared and had enough manpower, but they fought leniently with the other party in order to keep them alive.

There would be casualties if there was a fight. Han Qing took a deep breath and gave up on joining because of the pain in his chest and abdomen. He obediently became a live target in the house.

The names that were scribbled on the paper were just a cover. He did not have time to look at the name list at all. He remembered that the bamboo slip was still in his mouth before he fainted. Why did it disappear after he woke up?

Lord Shen and the others were bent on taking down Yan Lu, so it was naturally impossible for them to hide it. Then who could it be?

He remembered seeing a girl before he fainted.. Why did this young master say that he was the one who saved him now? Could it be that he was too injured at that time and had an illusion?

Spatial Peasant Girl: These Mad Darlings Are Delicate and Gullible - Chapter 230 - Chapter 230: Every Profession Produced A Top Scholar - BoxNovel (2024)
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