Crisp Gnocchi With Brussels Sprouts and Brown Butter Recipe (2024)



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R. Lax

Dear NY Times stylist, thanks for using my father's, Michael Lax's, teak handled, cast iron, skillet, the large one, by Copco. Great skillets, but note, if you find one, due to the selection of the teak handle, you cannot put them into the oven. My father was an industrial designer and designed/started Copco. The NYTimes ran his obituary in 1999. He was a diehard New Yorker, born and raised in the west village on Morton Street and he went to Alfred University in the Industrial Ceramics dept.


Rather than honey, I substituted a splash of aged balsamic for sweetness as well as a touch of acidity.


This was so good! We roasted the brussel sprouts to make them really crispy and then added them to the skillet along with a shallot and chopped garlic after crisping the gnocchi. Also topped it with a dollop of lemon zested garlic ricotta to finish. It was over the top delicious!

Trepidatious Cook

I guess I'm the only whose brussel sprouts didn't cook in five minutes. I tried to follow this using the timing but ended up with hard brussel sprouts so I had to add liquid and let it simmer


Fabulous! Life required that I roast the sprouts. I prepared as directed with lemon zest and red pepper flakes. My helper popped them in oven at 425. They cooked for 25 minutes to perfection. By time I got home, I had enough time to prepare gnocchi as directed before roasting was complete.. I had to make 2 batches for crowd I was feeding - first one used 6 T butter, second batch 4T. Four was plenty. Used balsamic instead of honey. Will make again and again !

Thomas Burke

I have done this with pancetta rather than butter. It's fantastic, and it also would be almost as good with butter..


Made this into a true 20 min meal by baking the Brussels sprouts in the oven (15 min at 450 degrees) while simultaneously cooking the gnocchi on the stove top. Mixed them together on stovetop at the very end as recipe says. Also, 6 tablespoons of butter seems crazy - I added 2 and my gnocchi were deliciously buttery and crispy! Quick and easy, would definitely make again.

Julius Huckabee

My kids only dabbled in the brussels sprouts (understandable, and: more veggies for me!), but mainly stuck to the gnocchi. My wife - hates "cabbage-y" things - was astonished by how good it was. In my family, this counts as a success.However:- This took much more than 20 minutes, more like 40.- I rounded up on the portions (I live in Europe and buy in grams). Nonetheless, there weren't any leftovers. Feeds four? Feeds two adults and two toddlers. Well.


If the gnocchi immediately sticking to the pan like glue freaks you out like it did me the first time, don’t worry. It will release once the butter melts (and with a nice golden brown crust). Do make sure they are completely broken up before they go into the pan though.


Followed exactly, except my sprouts were big so I quartered them. It took more than 2 min for the butter to brown but once it did, magic. Don’t skimp on the lemon zest and don’t be afraid of some bigger chunks of it after chopping — fried in the butter and honey they are a delightful contrast to the rest of the dish. Don’t overdo the Parmesan at the end, a light sprinkle does the job.


Why decide between Pancetta and Butter when you can have both?!? One of the best things I’ve cooked at home in recent memory.


Cooked this last night and it was delicious. Next time I would double the Brussels sprouts and roast them instead of frying (my pan isn't big enough to properly fry that many sprouts!), try reducing the amount of butter by half (there was so much butter pooled at the bottom of my bowl when we finished it off!), then add the roasted sprouts into the pan to toss with the gnocchi at the very end. We didn't add the Parm because I was lazy and didn't bring it to the table, and didn't miss it one bit!


I think some aged balsamic might be a good substitute for the honey.


We loved this one! I think the secret is a cast-iron skillet. This was the first recipe I’ve ever attempted in my cast-iron, and I am now a believer! I would probably throw in some bacon next time. And a handful of toasted pinenuts.


In the midst of cooking this, I discovered I was out of honey so I substituted real maple syrup. It worked, but I put in half because I figured it was a bit sweeter.I tripled the amount of red pepper flakes since I'm a capsaicinophile. The result was delicious, but I do not recommend this, because it turned my kitchen into a fog of pepper spray. Spray. Once my husband had stopped coughing and was able to actually taste the dish, he declared it quite good.Also, I used cauliflower gnocch


Can you make this in the oven? Want to make it for a larger group


Has anyone tried with frozen gnocchi?


Delicious! Made as is. Next time I may add some garlic. And I like Claire's idea below about adding pork belly. Will make again.

less butter!

Half the butter


Amazing. Will be a regular in the rotation. Grilled chicken for protein, totally unnecessary. This was amazing on it’s own. Small modifications that worked for me:Roasted sprouts at 425 separately4tbs butter instead of 6 was plentyAdded a diced shallot in before gnocchiDash of balsamic to deglaze the panFinished with a bit of grated lemon zestHad fresh Rosemary to get rid of and threw some in - a fantastic herby additionFuture idea- may be fun with roasted pine nuts or walnuts


I doubled the recipe and used a wok. Very delicious! I will cook again when we have a big group and not a lot of time.

Emily von Allmen

I substituted the lemon and red pepper flakes for a swirl of Mike’s Hot Honey and used Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi. It was a hit!!


I chopped some sun dried tomatoes and threw them in the gnocchi as it was cooking. Fantastic


This is my all time favorite NYT recipe. I make this at least once a month and my only complaint is that it is so good there are never any leftovers even when I double the recipe. My husband is a hardcore meat eater and this is his absolute favorite vegetarian meal. Also tastes great pine nuts for some extra protein and crunch.


Add lemon juice (half lemon, could try more)


So good! I use the recipe as a way to use up aging vegetables - Brussels sprouts, carrots, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, etc- sometimes without the gnocchi.


Remember to follow the descriptions rather than the timing guides. It always takes more than the 2-4 minutes they suggest to crip/brown/etc. my ingredients, and this dish thrives on crispy!

David Z

Made as directed. Added a little lemon and more red pepper at the table to brighten it up a bit. Delicious.


This is a consistent winner in our house! The only modifications we make are to 1. cover the Brussels with a lid so they steam through a bit more (otherwise they are a bit too crunchy for our taste) and 2. Add a can of white beans at the end for some extra protein.

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Crisp Gnocchi With Brussels Sprouts and Brown Butter Recipe (2024)


How do you crisp up already cooked brussel sprouts? ›

Rewarm in the oven at 350°F for 5 or so minutes, until heated through. You can also reheat them on a plate in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. TO FREEZE: Because they can become soggy, I don't recommend freezing roasted Brussels sprouts. However, if you end up with lots leftover, you certainly can freeze them.

Why are my brussel sprouts not crispy? ›

The crispy exterior, however, is achieved by preheating the sheet pan itself in a 450° oven. You're essentially treating the baking sheet like a sauté pan, searing an entire side of the brussels sprouts. Without preheating the pan, they'd overcook before they got to the ideal crispy state.

Do I need to boil gnocchi before frying? ›

You can skip the boiling when frying your gnocchi. However, if you prefer your gnocchi a touch softer, you could boil it first and then pan fry them for about 3-5 minutes instead of the full time to brown. If making this as a full meal, this will serve 2-3.

Should gnocchi be browned? ›

We like to pan-fry our pillowy-soft potato gnocchi after we've boiled them to give them a crisp outer layer. There's nothing better than the pillowy texture of homemade gnocchi.

Why are my brussel sprouts soggy in the oven? ›

Not using enough oil.

The other secret to ridiculously crispy Brussels sprouts is tossing them in plenty of oil. We like to use olive oil, but plain vegetable oil is great too. If the sprouts are well-coated, they'll caramelize and char instead of simply softening in the oven.

Should I boil my brussel sprouts before frying? ›

Parboiling Brussels sprouts before frying is a good technique to ensure they cook evenly and become tender on the inside while allowing for a crispy exterior when fried. However, it's not always necessary but we think it works here to create a soft middle and crisp exterior in the pan.

Why do you soak brussel sprouts before cooking? ›

It turns out that giving Brussels sprouts a good soak can help them to cook evenly throughout. Not only will the sprouts have a better texture after being soaked, but you won't have to choose between burning the outside and undercooking the inside.

Why are my brussel sprouts still hard after cooking? ›

This could be caused by using too little oil for roasting. You need a nice coating of oil—enough to make the heads shiny or if they're cut, enough oil to get inside the folds of some of the leaves. Without oil, Brussels don't brown and soften—they dehydrate.

Should you cut brussel sprouts in half before cooking? ›

One of the most common ways to cut a Brussels sprout is in half or quarters. By doing so, you reduce the size of the sprouts, speeding up cooking.

What should you not do when making gnocchi? ›

Try not to knead it as kneading will develop the gluten and make your gnocchi chewy. Keep some flour in a cup for dusting the board and your hands as you work to stop the dough sticking.

Do Italians boil or fry gnocchi? ›

Slowly incorporate the potato and flour into the egg, then knead until just combined. Divide the dough into equal segments, then roll into long ropes. Cut the ropes into small dumplings, and, if desired, add ridges with a fork. Toss with flour, then cook them in boiling salted water until they float.

What is the best way to cook packaged gnocchi? ›

Broiling is the best way to cook packaged gnocchi — hands-down, no contest. Food Network Kitchen's Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi with Sausage and Peppers.

Do Italians fry gnocchi? ›

But what's really interesting about gnocchi is the different ways in which it's made throughout Italy. They can be boiled, baked or fried; bouncy, chewy or crunchy and studded with various herbs, spices or vegetables.

Why did my gnocchi turn grey? ›

Can I make gnocchi ahead of time? A fresh gnocchi dough can be made 6 hours ahead of time and stored in the fridge. Any longer than that and the gnocchi will begin to turn an unpleasant grey colour and become softer in texture. However, you can easily freeze gnocchi.

How do you revive brussel sprouts? ›

We found that the best way to revive these kinds of vegetables was to trim their stalks or stems on the bias and stand them up in a container of cold water in the refrigerator for about an hour. This exposes as many of their moisture-wicking capillaries as possible to water.

How do you reheat steamed brussel sprouts? ›

You can reheat the sprouts either in a large saucepan of boiling water for a minute or so, in a microwave or in a large wok or frying pan with a little butter and a splash of water, but make sure that they are properly heated through.

Can you eat cooked brussel sprouts the next day? ›

Cooked brussel sprouts will keep 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

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